About Us

Having spent a career in Aviation and Yacht building, I have witnessed first hand the slow pace of innovation in the vessel building industry. As a passionate sailor for years, I am receiving less of the experience I’d expect from a yacht. It’s obvious that my car, my phone and even my house are much ‘smarter’ and I would certainly make use of a similar level of comfort, so I can enjoy sailing with my loved ones without the stress and difficulties that comes with it.

There is emerging evidence that my thoughts are shared with millions of sailing lovers around the world. My vision is to provide an unmatchable end-to-end experience and eventually attract more people to this amazing activity that is sailing.

To do that, I put together an enthusiastic team of experts from many industries that will approach vessel building from a fresh new perspective.

Our first aim is to design and build the next generation trimaran that serves the guests in a number of new ways, unrepresented in any multihull yet produced to date.