Autonomous Functions and IoT

Our trimarans come with the latest technology in terms of autonomous functions, like auto-docking, auto-piloting and auto-anchoring! Sailing has never been easier! At your fingertips, you get full control over every aspect of the vessel from winch position down to fridge temperature.

Zero Emissions

Our trimarans are driven by zero-emission power generation even if the wind is not blowing! We utilise state-of-the-art regenerative energy by propeller feathering and solar panels as well as full electric drives combined with battery storage and fuel cell top-up capabilities. This guarantees zero emissions as well as zero noise!


Hydrofoil technology enables our trimaran to gain unprecedented speed that has never been seen before from a sailing boat in the same class with the same amount of comfort and amenities. Be ready to outperform your peers!

trix50 Trimaran

Smart vessel management

Either setting up the autopilot, cheking the weather forecast or even analysing the trip performance  – you have everything right at your fingertips! This is what we call smart vessel management! We are bringing your daily IoT experience into your sailing experience – giving you all the necessary features to feel completely confident – for whatever trip you are aiming for!



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Our latest news

triXcite had a successful show at the “Maritime Night of Sciences” hosted by Hamburg University of Technology

Axel presented our long-term vision in front of a fascinated audience. Could a fleet of fully autonomous triXcite trimarans replace cruise ships in the future, and roam around islands, like autonomous cars will roam around the urban jungle?

Outline specification available!

Get our latest outline specification for the TRIX50 trimaran now! There you will find all the main dimensions and features to give you a better overview of our unique trimaran! Just browse the TRIX50 page to download it!

Open for investment!

Get in touch if you want to support our market entry and if you want a chance to participate in the triXcite sailing experience! Contact us here!